Coffee Cappuccino Machine

Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS

Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS
Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS

Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS    Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS

Product Notes : New in original factory package. Dealer return inventory from builder project.

Some or all our items are opened to verify condition. Damages described (if any) are considered cosmetic imperfections and do not affect the functionality of the appliance unless otherwise noted.

There may be other minor imperfections present that can go unnoticed in certain lighting conditions. Thanks so much for visiting our listings. Please mention us to your friend & colleagues. Home Connect allows you to prepare your favorite beverage remotely and provides access to additional features. Full color LCD display illustrates beverage selection, including size and temperature control.

Control compatible smart appliances with Amazon Alexa. Simply speak your commands and Alexa will do the work for you.

Use your smart device as a remote control to control appliance functions, whether you're home, in the office, or on the road. Keep track of what's in the fridge from your grocer's aisle, how much time is left on that roast in the oven, or if it's time to add the next load of laundry right from your smart device. Remote Monitoring will always keep you in the know.

Automatic Double Shot delivers an extra shot of espresso to select beverages. Enjoy a consistently strong flavor and aroma at the touch of a button. Ceramic Disks deliver quality performance and minimize noise allowing for a smooth, consistent texture and flavor in every cup.

Stainless steel milk container with locking lid. Using both hot water and steam, the machine features a fully automatic rinse program at turn-on and turn-off, so it's always ready for the next fresh-tasting pour. Coffee customization settings store up to 8 personalized beverages with names so family members and house guests can program their favorite drinks-from a single shot espresso, to tea, to extra-large cappuccinos. Drip tray sensor prompts you to empty container when water level is high. Automatic steam cleaning for the milk system.

Adjustable grinding settings for very fine to coarse density. Bean container with a rubberized seal. Separate container for ground coffee or decaf.

Front access to water, coffee and other compartments. Drip tray and coffee grounds container are dishwasher-proof.

Removable water tank for up to 10 cups. Accessories can be stored inside the accessories drawer. Includes: Measuring spoon and water hardness test. Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffè Latte, Milk Froth, Warm Milk, Hot Water, Steam Clean, Clean, Descaling. NEMA 5-15R, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding. Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel Milk Container, Measuring Sppon, 1 Water Hardness Test Strip. Charge is in addition to all other applicable charge. Please also keep in mind that some large trucks may have problems delivering to residential areas with narrow streets, steep driveways, and low power lines. All packaging material must be kept for the claim to be valid.

In the event that this unit is not in the box, we need this time to have the item crated or palletized. As long as product is received at our warehouse undamaged. Defective Units: I f you received a defective unit, please keep in mind that most manufacturers may require a service call to diagnose the problem before RA is issued. If issue is strictly "Cosmetic" such as top, side or front dents, scratches, etc.

We will most likely send you the part to resolve the issue. If a replacement is not available we will credit you for the original price paid for the product.

Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS    Thermador 24 SS Plumbed Coffee Machine TCM24PS